Microloans Transform African Women Entrepreneurs’ Lives

The Bloom Channel’s Charitable Partner Distributes Microloans to African Women Entrepreneurs Hear inspiring stories of how microloans are helping African women change their lives, educate their children and change the destiny of a nation.

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2 Responses to “Microloans Transform African Women Entrepreneurs’ Lives”

  1. Leigh Fenly says:

    Wilma is such an inspiration. All of us at Womens Empowerment International who support WomensTrust believe she has only begun! Wilma’s energy and commitment will only continue to provide hard-working, determined women in Ghana with the confidence they need to become successful entrepreneurs.

  2. Vahan Sarkisian says:

    Wilma, is a shinning star, and a fantastic leader of Womans Trust in Ghana, which is backed by the unbelievable, efficient organization back here in the States. Founder Dana Dakin, did a great job organizing and hand picking Kristen Ash here in the States and finding Wilma for the Africian end of the operations.
    I have been personally involved and have traveled to Ghana to see and contribute by building a schoolhouse
    for this wonderful organization, which didn’t exist except for a dream in the founders mind only a short period of time ago.

    An organization well worth your contributions to help women further their lives.

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